Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sanfelippo Gets Caught In A Lie. Again.

From the same article which reported the African-American community's opposition to Chris Abele's power grab, comes this doozy from Representative Joe Sanfelippo, the sockpuppet pushing Abele's bill:
In an interview, Sanfelippo said his bill would maintain supervisors' power to act as a check on the county executive's authority but would clarify the executive is the boss of day-to-day county operations.

"There's no major shift of power here," Sanfelippo said.
However, the Legislative Council and Supervisor Theodore Lipscomb point out the blatancy of Sanfelippo's lie:
According to the nonpartisan Legislative Council's analysis, Sanfelippo's bill would "increase certain authorities of the executive (and) decrease certain authorities of the board." For example, supervisors could ask questions of county department heads but the bill bars supervisors from giving any orders to department heads. Sanfelippo said that's aimed at ending meddling in daily operations by supervisors.

Supervisor Theo Lipscomb Sr. said the plain language of Sanfelippo's bill and legislative service agencies' analyses make it clear the measure would significantly shift power from the board to the county executive. That includes a provision that specifically bars the County Board from cutting any staff jobs in the county executive's office or reducing their pay, while also granting the executive authority to add staff.

"There's nothing in here but enhancements to the executive's power," said Lipscomb.
The fact that this is nothing but a pure power grab is no surprise to the gentle reader. What is a surprise is that even the corporate media is admitting it.

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