Monday, February 25, 2013

Congresswoman Moore Speaks Out Against Abele's Power Grab

U.S. Representative Gwen Moore issued the following press release regarding the power grab by Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele:
Today, Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-4) released the following statement in opposition to LRB 1340 a proposal from the Wisconsin State Legislature that would enact a 66 percent reduction in the Milwaukee County Board’s budget eliminating funds available for current staff, supervisor salaries and oversight responsibilities and duties. She released the following statement.

"This proposal is not one that the citizens have asked for but rather one that the business community determined was necessary. Many in the community perceive this as either a takeover or a power grab that will ultimately disenfranchise the everyday person.

“The County Board has and continues to be a great forum for civic engagement, helping to groom our future public servants. Our own U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin was once a County Board Supervisor. The County Board is a government body that truly reflects the breadth of diversity within the state of Wisconsin – especially for women and minorities. The many changes delineated in this bill in addition to the reduction of funds will limit opportunities and access for all who seek to be active and engaged in their community. It reduces the Board’s ability to help constituents resolve their problems at the County level.

“Additionally, the proposed cut to the Milwaukee County Board will also make maintaining a system of checks and balances at the County government nearly impossible and would destroy the very concept of local control.

“This proposal by the Wisconsin State Legislature to enact these draconian cuts is misguided and will ultimately render the local County Board incapable of providing necessary services for the people of Milwaukee County. The Milwaukee County Board is more than capable of determining how to reduce the cost of local government and increase efficiency - and we should let them do it.”

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