Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Desecrating The Grave Of Journalism

We have known for a long time that journalism was dead, especially here in Fitzwalkerstan. The corpse of journalism was then spat upon when the papers started practicing McCarthyism and even going so far as defending Nazism.

But now the local media has destroyed any sense of credibility they might have even pretended to still have (emphasis mine):
A source familiar with the proposal confirmed some of the broad outlines of the proposal on Medicaid health programs that Walker is expected to make at an event Wednesday afternoon in Madison. The decision will have far-ranging effects on whether and how tens of thousands of Wisconsinites receive health coverage, whether state taxpayers will have to cover tens of millions of dollars of that cost, and how much the state will receive in the coming years out of the billions of dollars in possible federal money to assist the expansion.

Christian Schneider, who writes The Yankee Review blog as part of the Journal Sentinel opinion page's Purple Wisconsin project, cited anonymous sources Tuesday in first reporting that Walker will propose taking a middle path in dealing with the health programs in his budget bill being introduced on Feb. 20.
Schneider, also known as Atomic Pantload, has proven himself to be a less than credible source of information when he got busted fabricating stories regarding a gay Republican activist who supposedly was beaten up. Those claims, like Schneider's "reporting," proved to be cut from whole cloth.

Then instead of owning up to his lies, Schneider takes down the post, claiming to be management, and puts up another one that is even more false that the original.

Now the paper is citing Schneider, who cites some "anonymous sources," as basis for the report.

It's bad enough that they killed journalism in this state, but they couldn't let the poor thing rest in peace. Instead, they are now desecrating the grave by pissing all over it.


  1. This is a beautiful example of why bloggers are no more journalists than your grandma was when whispering to the neighbor over the fence of her yard in 1958. Get off it, already. Go do some journalistic work, get a membership to the WNA (if you qualify), then state a real basis for your information. It's real easy to get a web site. It's much more difficult to get the credentials and education that teaches you fairness, accuracy and balanced reporting. You have none of those. And I'm a Democrat.

    1. I've never hidden the fact that I'm liberal, but I am also accurate, often more so than the so called experts.

      Go figure.

    2. Are you implying that Schneider does journalistic work?

      I would consider him the ultimate "fence whisperer" in the state!

  2. @Anonymous: Don't believe you're a Democrat ... citing anoymous sources, of course.

  3. Even worse may have been the headline at the J-S claiming that turning down the Medicaid money was a "middle road." There's no "middle ground" here, you take the funding, or you do your unrealistic Tea Bag pose, and you do not. The J-S is clearly covering for their boy Scotty by making this netball seem "moderate."

    And show me how they can cover more people without the federal dollars. You can't, and much like with the "Anonymous" troll saying he's a Democrat, just saying something does not make it true

  4. There really isn't a middle road. You either have health insurance or you don't. It either covers what you have or it doesn't.