Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Day, Another Walker Crony

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting about Angela Herl, the wife of Dane County Republican Party Chair Mike Herl, who just got a political appointment in the Walker administration and a really nice raise, worth more than what some people make in a year:
The head of a state agency late last year gave a political appointment - and a nearly $27,000 annual raise - to the wife of a Republican Party official without considering any other applicants, state records show.

In December, Angela Herl took over a state division with 40 employees that processes credentials for dozens of professions such as doctors, even though she had no direct experience in that area. Herl had not previously managed any staff during her 20 years working for the state as a payroll and benefits specialist.

With the new job, Herl received a 49% pay boost, raising her annual salary from $54,378 to $81,265.

Herl is married to Mike Herl, chairman of the Dane County Republican Party, and she landed her new job less than a year after GOP Gov. Scott Walker faced an uproar over the hiring of a campaign donor's son with few qualifications.

Angela Herl has an associate's degree in accounting from Madison Area Technical College but not a bachelor's degree, according to the state.
The article goes on to say how no other people were even considered and how Ms. Herl didn't even have to go through the motions of providing a resume.

Of course, Scott Walker appointing unqualified cronies is nothing new, nor is the fact that he likes to give them huge, unearned raises.

What I did find surprising is that after all the heat he has taken and is about to take because of Walkergate, that he would continue to appoint people affiliated with county Republican parties, like Darlene Wink and Tim Russell.


  1. I really am shocked that he did this, as well as 'Midnight Madness'. They're either clueless that they're going to have an election soon, or convinced that they have nothing to fear since they are the ones counting the votes. Either that or they're just clueless aholes.

  2. I think they think "double down". Compromising is a joke to them. They don't get it and they want to make a mess for the new governor to clean up.