Monday, February 27, 2012

Walker vs. Walker On Responsibility And Recalls

Last week, Scott Walker spoke about the misdeeds and alleged misdeeds done by his top staff members while he was Milwaukee County Executive. Needless to say, he didn't man up:
Governor Scott Walker says he takes no responsibility for the actions of his former Milwaukee County aides who now face criminal charges in a John Doe probe.

Walker told reporters Thursday that he responded any time he was alerted to a potential problem or an ethical violation involving his staff in the Milwaukee County executive’s office.

The Republican Walker cited Darlene Wink as an example.

Walker said his former chief of staff, Tom Nardelli, confronted Wink just hours after she admitted to the Journal Sentinel in 2010 that she was doing campaign work for Republicans on her county job. And Wink resigned later that day as Walker’s coordinator for constituent relations.

Walker said he informed his staff about the law against doing campaign work on taxpayer time and, “When people violated that policy … we acted.”
Yeah, and we know what that action was.

His action was to send an email, via his campaign's email address, to Tim Russell, who wasn't even working in the executive's office anymore, which specified some of the illegal activities that were going on, with his full knowledge and blessing:

In other words, his action was to worry about his campaign first and nothing at all about the executive's office.

And he didn't fire Darlene Wink, she quit.

But most interesting of all, courtesy of TMJ4, is what Walker has to say about leaders who underlings do something illegal, even if they weren't ordered to (the fun starts about the 1:07 mark):

So in Walker's own words, the conviction of Darlene Wink and the charges against Tim Russell, Kelly Rindfleisch and Kevin Kavanaugh are, at minimum, signs of "certain mindset" that the election campaign was taking priority over government business, and hence, he should be outed.

Finally something I agree with Walker on!

But then why is he acting so much like a petulant, whiny child because we're doing what he said should be done?


  1. Wow, great stuff from TMJ4. That's the "Walker-resign-to-make-room-for-Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch" side of WIGOP

  2. By the end of this year there will be at least one misdemeanor and at last one felony pined to Scott Walker. That is the least! Mr. Walker will be found guilty of at least one one Felony in early 2013. We must keep the pressure up on The judges the district attorneys and department of justice so that Mr. Walker will be given the speedy trial that he is guaranteed by the 6th amendment of U.S. Constitution.

    The thing that I can always count on with Scott Walker is that He will mess up again.

    David from Milwaukee