Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On The Next Edition Of "Do You Know Where Your Governor Is?"

Yes, folks, another edition of Wisconsin's favorite game show, "Do You Know Where Your Governor Is?" is coming up.  It is programmed for Wednesday, February 8.

And just to give you a hint, the secret location of your governor is Naples, FL.

But the next question is why would Scott Walker go to Naples, FL?

Would it be to visit the jobs he's been chasing out of Wisconsin for the last six months?

In a word, no.

Is it because he got screwed up on the dates and was going to surprise everyone by entering the Florida presidential primary?

Well, he might have dreams of being President of the United States, but I don't think a recalled and/or indicted former governor would have much of a chance.

Is he going to invite all the fleeing Wisconsin retirees back to the state to invest their hard earned money in his corporate welfare scheme?  He did promise to do that, you know.  Instead, he's tried to kill SeniorCare and Family Care and other services they would need., which I'm sure will draw them back in droves.

No, no, and no.

If you haven't guessed, he'll be abandoning his duties here in Wisconsin for yet another big-money, out-of-state fund raiser:

Yup, while more people are losing their jobs, falling behind on their bills and losing their homes because Scott Walker thinks that they made too much money and were leaving the poor multimillionaires behind, Walker will be yucking it up at a luncheon 1,500 miles away from Wisconsin.

And he wonders why people want to recall him.


  1. This is where lower dollar amount contributions come from -- the James Madison Institute members and the nonmembers who aren't interested in the VIP package. Not every retiree is sitting on a gold mine!

  2. There are also a fair amount of the small increment donors who make multiple donations and that bolsters the campaign's statements that the vast majority of donations are <$50. They should report this figure in terms unique donors if they want to imply that there are a lot of separate individual supporters out there giving money.

  3. Is anyone keeping track of his absences? I wonder if he has yet been absent from Wisconsin for as many days as the Fab 14 (who were actually DOING THEIR JOBS)were gone. I wish someone could research this!

  4. They thought the Harley riding Walker was cool...., then came aircraft FLYING Walker!

    Because the State of Wisconsin needs to pay for the Governor to go out of state, especially in the age of the virtual reality.

  5. Well... with total contributions of over $18,000 for his gubernatorial campaign, at an average donation of $438, it seems to be worth his while to hang out in Naples. One of the weird patterns I noticed while combing his contribution history.

  6. Cant we automatically deduct campaign donations from all the non union workers, would seem to even out the odds.