Monday, February 20, 2012

Walker, WISGOP Under-Mining Their Own Chances Of Political Survival

A new poll from Public Policy Polling is a pretty clear snapshot of why so many Republicans are in political jeopardy (even those not tied up in Walkergate), since they continuously go against the will of the people.

This poll in specific show how Wisconsinites feel about Scott Walker and Republican legislators selling out our most valuable assets so that out of state mining companies can increase their profit margin:
Key finding from the poll include:

-69% of voters oppose weakening Wisconsin’s wetlands law, while only 22% think doing
so is necessary to attract open-pit mining companies and jobs to the state. Majorities of Democrats (81/14), independents (70/21), and Republicans alike (53/35) stand against any legislation that would hurt the state’s wetlands. The negative environmental fallout far outweighs any other factors for voters when it comes to this bill.

-Only 22% of voters support a provision that would reduce public participation in the
mining application process, while 72% are opposed to it. This is another proposal where we find strong agreement across the party spectrum- Democrats (87/10), independents (74/21), and Republicans (52/37) all think there should be no weakening in the right of citizens to speak out against mining permits.

-Just 34% of voters support any streamlining of environmental regulations to help bring mining jobs to northern Wisconsin, while 49% oppose any weakening of water
protections. Always critical independent voters are even more against proposed
streamlining of environmental regulations than the population as a whole, opposing it
51/33. Wisconsin voters are sending a clear message: legislators should vote against this bill. They think its negative environmental impacts far outweigh any jobs it may create. And they strongly oppose any changes to the process that would quiet citizens’ voices.
The actual survey results are here.


  1. Now we know how the occupiers feel.
    A few years ago I had a UWM student working for me in the summer, one of the classes he took the prior semester was a study on surveys. There assignments were to word the questions in order to achieve a pre-conceived outcome.
    The only survey that I will believe is the one where you bring your id.

    1. So you'll only believe a poll where not everyone gets a say in the matter?

    2. Really? You want every person who is "qualified" to vote? While I agree every person should have the right to vote, but voting is a responsibility. Quite frankly, quite a few people I have met might not be qualified to take on that responsibility. It seems to me if it is too much responsibility to keep a current ID, it might be an indicator that said person might not take the time to make a choice based on what they think will help society.
      Unfortunately, the democrats have found that cigarettes are usually enough to sway some of these people to vote Dem. or in this case sign a recall petition:!

    3. And Republicans were giving shots, so I guess you can't vote for them either. It looks like you're the one who should be sitting at home on election day.

  2. Maybe I will, Of course a shot would go a long way to easing the pain of a democratic governor.