Friday, February 10, 2012

Name Me One Name!*

For months, we heard the likes as Media Trakkkers, MacGuyver Institute for the Criminally Insane, and the gaggle of radio squawkers, not to mention WISGOP say that there were all sorts of fraudulent activity going on in the recalls.  That somewhere in the area of 99% to 4,851,691% of the signatures being collected were of Mickey Mouse and Adolph Hitler.

So obviously when the four WISGOP senators that turned in their challenges, there would be all sorts of thse cartoon names and addresses, right?

Not so much:

Lastly, when it comes to the matter of duplicate signatures and fakes:
*The Moulton petition challenged 265 signatures as duplicates, though noted no fake names.
*Galloway challenged 403 duplicates, though noted no fake names.
*Fitzgerald challenged 205 duplicates, and one fake name that was only noted as having the last name of a well-known slang usage of "sucker."
*Wanggaard challenged 137 duplicates and no fake names.
And that one "fake name" that Fitzgerald did try to claim was found to be a real person.

Now the Wreck of Fitzgerald and the other soon to be recalled WISGOP senators are trying to ruin themselves by claiming that the gerrymandered districts should apply to the recalls, despite the fact that they were the ones that wrote and voted for the law saying that the gerrymandering doesn't kick in until November 2012.

It must be hard on the faithful echo chamber of GOP supporters to keep supporting these clowns and not mind that they end up look as foolish as the reprobates they're supporting.

If anyone should have opportunity to speak to one of the soon to be recalled senators, do me a favor.  Ask them how they feel about having to fight for their political careers because they blindly followed Scott Walker, who has repaid them for their loyalty by leaving them high and dry as he flies around the country trying to raise money to save his own worthless political hide.

*For those who are unfamiliar with the reference in the title, it is the phrase that the right wing uses to mock Tom Barrett when they think they have finally found someone who might have committed election fraud.  Their claims are usually as accurate as the claims that Adolph Hitler was signing petitions.  I thought it only fair to mock them with their own words of mockery.


  1. And not all the 'duplicates' will turn to actually be duplicates, but rather father and son with same name, or brother and sister with similar but variant names (eg. Stephan and Stephanie).

  2. I was wondering also about people with common names. My client list includes numerous people who are unrelated but have the same name. There are also a lot of "famous" people in our small town. Fathers and sons may also have the same address.