Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"It's Working" Still Isn't Working

Scott Walker has spent some of his $12 million in recall campaign money flooding the airwaves with easily-refuted commercials trying to tell us his budget and his union-busting agenda is working for Wisconsin.  Likewise, the Koch brothers have been spending untold millions of dollars through their front groups to try to get the people to believe "It's Working."

Their "It's Working" stratagem wasn't working then and it's still not working today.

In a recent poll, Walker's numbers keep dropping and he is seen losing to almost every Democratic contender or potential contender.  

It's not working because, despite his incessant spewing of his inane rhetoric, people can see for themselves that Walker's agenda and policies have only brought less jobs, less money for those who still have jobs, the budgets of school districts, municipalities and counties imploding and an overall lowering of our quality of life.

And Walker is feeling the pressure.

How else would you explain this gaffe?
When asked about challengers leading him in the poll, Walker argues he's not worried.

"The number one opponent I'm worried about is neither of those two.  I'm worried about the out of state money coming from Washington," Walker said.
The only recent example of out of state money coming from Washington is his own cronies in the legislature going to grab special interest cash by the truckload.

Perhaps he is worried about one of them trying to run against him in the primary after all.


  1. He is in fact only, "worried about the out of state money coming from Washington," as well as other cities/states around the nation: namely, how he may keep the flow coming to his coffers!

  2. Scott ought to know that he is only going to be propped up until it's in their interests to pick another tool. It doesn't seem likely yet, but if there is a surprise like Sheriff Babeu then things might change quickly.

  3. Apparently the Koch and company money is still disposable. But they are supposedly businessmen; so it will be interesting to chart when the campaign to save Walker and cohorts drops below the break-even point. Will it be John Doe identification or Walker indictment or a new state whistleblower or the bad polling results or violations of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling (though that is so loose it is hard to imagine) or (gods forbid) vigilante violence...

  4. Our governor often seems to do one thing, like collect out of state money, and then accuse the other side of doing it, to make his supporters believe him, I guess.