Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lessons From CPAC

Elizabeth DiNovella, writing at Dane 101, went to CPAC (Conservatives Planning Absolute Corporatism) and learned a few things about the mindset of the money-grubbers.

But there are a few things we can learn as well.  One is that an unified front is essential:
“The difference between Ohio and Wisconsin is that Governor Walker exempted health and safety [workers] for the most part,” said Vince Vernuccio, Labor Policy Counsel for the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Going after police officers and fire fighters turned out to be a nightmare.

“In Ohio, essentially what you had is firemen and police—in uniform—going door to door, saying this bill will kill babies. Now when you have police and firemen in uniform, saying the apocalypse is going to happen, it’s very hard to message against that,” Vernuccio said. “The problem is we didn’t get our message into Ohio soon enough.”

Fortunately, we already have the police and the fire fighters, who have been able to see through Scott Walker's BS and have chosen to stand with Wisconsin.

The article goes on to say that they think laws like Ohio's SB 5 or Wisconsin' Act 10 will create a clear sense of winners and losers among the states. They also site as their justification that public sector union members outnumber private sector union members, but make no mention that this is because of their decades long onslaught on the private sector unions, chiseling away at their strengths until they were shadows of what they once were.

When discussing "winners and losers" they are obviously talking about how states would appear in the eyes of the corporatists, since they include this line:
During the questions and answer portion, one student asked what Ohio should do to enact long-term reform, given it is such a pro-union state.

Vernuccio said that Ohio needed to pass some version of SB 5. Wisconsin and Indiana are going to thrive, he said, with their reforms. “You are going to see those states sky-rocket, and Ohio is going to stagnate.” This decline will make people want to leave Ohio.

He offered a short-term solution instead: “Build a wall, a Berlin-style wall, to keep people in.”
Oh yeah, we're really thriving here, aren't we?

This is going to end up being a fight for our very lives and livelihoods people. Be ready.


  1. CPAC = Comedy Performers Annual Convention

  2. "What we have here is a failure to communicate" to take a quote from Paul Newman's old movie. Those who can't stand union's influence also have a juvenile rebellion problem with anyone telling them that their selfish goals are not helping the rest of us and in fact are deleterious to the good of the whole. America was made great when we came together to solve big problems. The robber barons of the 1800's ran roughshot over the populus (they aren't called robbers barons for nothing) until government and the people got up the courage to fight back. Today, large coroporation and some of the rich elite are trying to eliminate the people's ability to fight back so they can again take over and run us into the ground like some third world dictatorship. Stand u p and fight back. Don't allow the Romney's, Gingrich's, Santorum's, or Paul's take away our Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security only to enrich their pockets..

  3. As I read more about CPAC, I realize it is more like Clown Party Acting Crazy. This would be a total hoot if it wasn't so scary to think that some people really do think that way.