Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scott Walker: Tax Delinquent

Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel broke the news that Scott Walker's campaign was pinged for not paying taxes.

But not just any taxes, but their unemployment compensation taxes.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin issued an quick press release on Walker's scofflaw nature:
"Scott Walker touts himself as an able CEO, and yet we have seen his campaigns run in a shabby, undisciplined and even criminal way," Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. "It is significant for the rest of the citizens of Wisconsin who play by the rules. Still, being a tax delinquent may be the least of Scott Walker's problems with authorities."
But there are some things that neither Bice nor Tate covered that I feel is pertinent.

First of all, Walker has collected millions of dollars in his extended unlimited money grab (with a big part of it coming from out of state). With all that money, he couldn't afford to pay his taxes?

And of course, it had to be unemployment compensation, like his policies haven't already caused enough problems with six consecutive months of losing jobs and then delaying unemployment compensation checks for the poor people victimized by Walker's maleficence.

I also recall that Walker claims that he had to replace his campaign treasurer of 18 years, John Hiller, because he didn't think Hiller was up to the job anymore.  So how's that new treasurer working out for ya, Scott?

Of course, that there would be something untoward and even illegal going on with Walker's campaign, it is nothing we didn't already know.


  1. On the question of Hiller, was he not up to the job anymore because he want's to distance himself from walker and John Doe? I would think that Hiller would want to lie low and make himself small due to past dealings with walker.

    1. It's not known for sure if Hiller left on his own or if Walker asked him to leave. But he is suspected to be tied in with a pay-for-play type of scandal that John Doe is looking into.