Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part LXX

While the rest of the nation is gaining jobs, we in Wisconsin still get to see the "benefits" of Scott Walker's budget. This time 120 people get to see the impact first hand:
C&D Technologies Inc. announced Wednesday that it will retain its factory in Milwaukee while moving some of its product lines to a plant in Reynosa, Mexico.

The move will result in the loss of about 120 jobs at the Milwaukee plant, 900 E. Keefe Ave., in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood.

The decision came after a comprehensive business evaluation, according to the company.
The workers in the state don't like Walker's budget. Businesses in the state don't like it.

The only ones that like it are the big-moneyed out-of-state special interests that Walker's been flying to, crying for help. Walker needs to go and we need to get someone that listens to the people. All of the people.

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  1. That's like I told my state Rep. and my state Sen., it's these type of operations that can be packed up and set up anywhere, these operations only need the upper crust to tell the working class slobs what to do and when to do it.