Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two Down, One To Go

Those that have followed me a long time know that there are certain things that really tick me off (besides Scott Walker).  Things like child abuse or animal abuse raises my anger like few other issues do.

One story that I've been following for three years, involved one of the harshest acts of animal abuse I've ever heard of and was made only worse because it happened in one of my favorite areas of the state, Central Wisconsin, where my castle is located.

The story involved three assholes that thought it'd be great fun to take snowmobiles and run down some deer, tormenting them and mangling the bodies.

The ring leader of these pukes, Rory Kuenzi, who was already serving a term for a drunk driving killing of a young man, was sentenced last year to 11 years in jail.

Now the second of the three has been sentenced:

A Waupaca man will serve a six-month jail sentence and probation time for his role in the 2009 snowmobile slaughter of several deer. 
Nicholas D. Hermes, 26, was sentenced Tuesday in Waupaca County Court for his role in the deer deaths along a trail in the Town of Lind. Hermes will spend 2½ years on probation and pay about $6,200 in fines and costs. 
In December, Hermes pleaded no contest to three felony counts of animal mistreatment and three misdemeanor charges of hunting deer out of season. Two felony mistreatment counts and two more counts of illegal hunting were dismissed as part of the plea deal.
The third fool, Robby Kuenzi is scheduled for trial April 3.  I expect him to get put away too.

Maybe they can share cell blocks with the Walkergate gang.


  1. The worst part of this story is that Rory Kuenzi threatened (in front of 20-30) witnesses)then "accidentally" ran down a man, Kevin McCoy in cold blood minutes later. The case sat on DA Snider's desk for over 3 years and this deer torture case is what finally shown enough light on Kevin's homicide to get Snider moving on the case again. People were actually more upset about the deer, than the "coincidence" of Kevin's homicide by motor vehicle by this sociopath. I want the road sign off Hwy 22/54 changed from Kuenzi Road to McCoy Road. I mean what's the matter with Waupaca County, do they try to name roads after killers?

  2. Did you see this weird one at BB a few days back? http://bloggingblue.com/2012/02/02/penny-sikora-defends-animal-abuse-on-facebook/

  3. netminnow,

    Actually, the Sheriff's Office screwed up the investigation. It sat for a long time until the state finally decided to do it the right way.

    I didn't even know about the sign, and I doubt that it was named after either of the brothers, but you are right that the name should be changed to even avoid making it look worse.