Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mazel Tov, Michael Maistelman

A couple of months ago, I brought up the fact that Michael Maistelman, among other notables such as the Honorable Maryann Sumi, were being named as the 2012 Leaders in the Law.

A couple of weeks ago, they held an event to honor these leaders.  In recognition of that honor, Maistelman issued the following press release:

Leaders in the Law[2]

He also included this video, with one thing that surprised me:

I knew that Maistelman was representing Tim Russell. But who is the second Walker staffer that he is defending?


  1. I think 'Leaders in the Law' may have confused Johnny Thomas for a former Walker aide. It is understandable given the odious level of graft perpetrated by the machinations of Walker campaign.

  2. No, Thomas has a different lawyer.

  3. Attorney Craig Mastantuono more recently appeared alongside Supervisor Thomas in the courtroom.

    There are some other articles which indicate that Maistelman aided in his defense early on in the indictment.