Friday, February 24, 2012

The Ryan Braun Affair Shows Right Wing Hypocrisy

Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard that Milwaukee Brewer star player Ryan Braun won an arbitration, avoiding a 50-game suspension for allegedly using a banned substance.

To be honest, I couldn't care less, since I don't follow baseball.

What I do find interesting is the hypocrisy displayed by the right side regarding this.

Braun was only able to take it to arbitration, and win the reprieve, because of an agreement between Major League Baseball and the Players Association.  In other words, it was because of collective bargaining that Braun even had the opportunity to appeal, much less prevail over, the wrong decision and action taken by MLB.

Yet, the people that loathe collective bargaining and unions in general, people like radio squawkers Charlie Sykes and Jeff Wagner, and right wing blowhards like Fred Dooley, "Roland Melnick" from Badger Blogger, Rick Esenberg and "Mary" from Freedom Eden, to a person, crowed about the Braun victory that collective bargaining had won.

I don't know from whence this breath-taking display of hypocrisy comes from.  It could be their stunning level of cognitive dissonance that allows them to do this without their heads exploding.  Maybe it's their belief that only the rich deserve to have rights. Maybe it's just that they're two-faced weasels.

Regardless of their reasoning, they really should re-evaluate their positions and either recognize that collective bargaining is not only good, but vital, for all people or they should retract their support for Braun and show themselves for who they really are.

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