Friday, February 17, 2012

A Man Of The People Corporations

When a politician runs for office, a lot of times they try to present themselves as "a man of the people."  That means they try to give the voters a sense that they are just like them.  In other words, they're going for the populist vote.

And both sides do it.  Democrats talk about growing up in a union household, working a blue collar job, helping people.  Republicans try to do the same, but don't always pull it off as well.

Scott Walker has given up even trying to hold on to the pretense of giving a damn about the people.

After recovering from his 2.4 hour flu, Walker went mooching up to the WMC and made a push for the mining bill.  But who he was kissing up to speaks volumes (emphasis mine):
Gov. Scott Walker urged the state's business leaders on Thursday to help him pressure the Legislature to pass a bill streamlining the process for opening an iron mine in northern Wisconsin.

Walker made the plea at the annual Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce business day gathering, which attracted about 1,000 business executives, lobbyists and others. After the speech, many in the audience — wearing orange hats in support of the mining bill — walked four blocks to the Capitol to lobby lawmakers.
He's playing sycophant to the people that would profit off of such a reckless bill, but won't even spare a second for the people who have to live with its consequences of the law, should it be allowed to pass.

It's pretty obvious that Walker's only motivation regarding this is the return favors he has already gotten and/or expects to get by handing over taxpayer money and the state's natural resources to this out of state, very well moneyed group. Meanwhile, as is his wont, the people would still be without jobs and without money. And now, without clean air or water.

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  1. The good news is that once the Legislative session ends in a few days the window opens for someone, the Dane County DA for instance, to begin serving subpoenas to various Legislators who may have first hand information regarding a criminal conspiracy which resulted in the commission of various misdemeanors and felonies.

    And the thing is, you just don't know for sure what happened unless you take a look at the evidence.