Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bill Kramer: Little Big Man

Future Lord of
the Flies contender
State Representative Bill Kramer (R-Palookaville) shows just how "macho" he is by packing heat on the Assembly floor:
The Republican lawmaker who presides over the state Assembly says he’s been carrying a concealed weapon during floor sessions.

Bill Kramer of Waukesha is speaker pro tem of the Assembly. He controls debate and can order spectators out of the chamber.

He says he obtained a permit to carry a concealed weapon in November and has at times carried a Glock 26 on the Assembly floor.

He says he feels he needs the weapon given the toxic atmosphere at the state Capitol. Bands of protesters still angry over Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s contentious collective bargaining law have spent the past year harassing GOP legislators.
So what is this little big man afraid of? Having his actions known apparently:
Democratic representatives requested Kramer to rescind his order, saying it was unfair for the whole gallery to be cleared based on the behavior of only some people. Kramer took back the order, saying, “The gallery is for observation. We have public hearings for a reason and that is where you can be heard. We have prohibitions against holding signs and against filming so please put down your signs and cameras. We have prohibitions against showing support or disapproval so I hope you’ll abide by that.”

Then law enforcement began to haul people out for silently holding signs or taking pictures with their cameras. The Progressive’s own Matt Rothschild was arrested for taking a picture of these arrests being made.

A total of eighteen people were arrested and ticketed for offenses that will likely be thrown out in court.

People feel so strongly about protecting and defending their ability to record and document the goings-on in the Assembly because corporate media is doing such a poor job of it. If you’re not at the Capitol on a regular basis, you would find it difficult to believe the impunity with which the rightwing is shoving their racist, sexist, corporatist agenda down the throats of the people of this state.
And just think, he's supposed to be one of the "leaders" in the Republican Party. No wonder Fitzwalkerstan is starting to feel like a scene from "The Lord of the Flies."


  1. I have this image in my mind of the famous Mae West scene, but in this case, she would say:

    "Is that a gun in your pocket, or . . . oh. That is just a gun in your pocket. Never mind."

  2. If you ever met the man, and I have, you would see why all of the stereotypes of the type of person who is compelled to carry a gun are, in fact, completely true with this one. My guess he has the bull balls hanging off the back of his pickup too. It's a testament to the state of the republican party that they would have Bill Kramer as one of their state leaders. Republicans in this area can't stand him. True story; I know some Republican business men who donated some money to him and then wanted to meet him. After they met him they all asked for their checks back. You must have gotten that picture when you looked up Dbag in the dictionary.