Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wisconsinites Going To Where The Jobs Are

Oh, look! There are jobs coming that could be filled by the unemployed workers in the Janesville area!

Of course, those jobs are in Illinois:
Janesville native Dave McKee expects to see more traffic later this year on his daily commute to Chrysler's assembly plant in Belvidere, Ill.

That's because Chrysler plans to add about 1,800 jobs at the plant 40 miles south of Janesville, and some of those jobs could be filled by dislocated Rock County residents.

Aout 9 percent of the plant's workforce of 2,700 comes from Rock and Walworth counties in southern Wisconsin.

The expected increase in workers to a high-water mark of 4,500 later this year presents another opportunity for local job seekers willing to work for about $15.78 per hour, which is about half the rate paid to longtime auto workers.

"If someone is willing to commute from Wisconsin, they are more than welcome to apply," said Jodi Tinson, a Chrysler Group spokeswoman.
And it wouldn't be at all surprising that those lucky enough to land those jobs eventually move to Illinois to cut down on the money and time they spend on the commute to work, cutting Wisconsin's revenue even that much more.

Meanwhile, Scott Walker is still traveling the country raising money for his defense fund so that he can continue to drive jobs and citizens out of the state.

It is really beyond me how any honest person could still support Walker.


  1. Walker may be driving (some) citizens out of the state, but he is definitely not driving jobs out of the state. The entire goal of all of his unpopular decisions is to try and make (for better or for worse) the state more appealing to businesses.

  2. He drove 45,000 jobs away already. Sorry, but despite his state goal, that is that actual result.