Friday, February 24, 2012

Now It's Kleefisch That Needs My Help

Just two days after receiving an email from Scott Walker begging for my help, Lieutenant Dictator Becky Kleefisch has sent out an email for my help.   I will do so by taking part of her poorly-worded and grammatically incorrect email and edit for her:
Big –government public sector union bosses [The people of Wisconsin] and their heavily funded out-of-state interests [slashed, if not eliminated, paychecks] are sparing no expense when attacking the [lack of] leadership of [by] Governor Walker and [are] downplaying the benefits [damages] our reforms have done for the great state of Wisconsin. 
In recent months they have been running at a fever pitch to tout that their efforts will help ultra-liberal interests [like the working people of Wisconsin] [to] retake the Governor’s mansion and the halls of the legislature.

We all know that these [the Koch commercials] are nothing but grandstanding falsehoods and [but] that the true grassroots, people like yourself, are making headway daily to keep [oust] leaders [usurpers] like Governor Walker and myself firmly planted in our offices so that we can continue fighting for [against] your rights.

Every day that you talk to your friends and neighbors and continue to showcase that our reforms have made tangible and lasting changes to Wisconsin we move one step closer to shutting down the efforts of these liberal elitists [state].

This week, with your help, we are planning on increasing our presence throughout the state by identifying and reminding [trying to find and trick] the supporters of our fiscally responsible cause, that we will not allow the big-government public sector unions [people of Wisconsin] to push around taxpayers [our campaign donors] any longer.
You're welcome, Becky. But there's no need to thank me. It would sufficient if you just start packing up to move back to your old house. But make sure Joel doesn't try to steal the silverware for his sandhill crane burgers.

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  1. How much you wanna bet that Adam Foltz or some other quasilegislative aide from MB&F offices are writing these campaign diatribes for Walker, Kleefish and Sen Fitzgerald?

    This is ridiculous considering all of their salaries are paid by the taxpayer. Time to toss the bums out, especially since their bargaining unit is not represented. At least Robin Vos admitted that Foltz had been feeding him lines.