Sunday, February 19, 2012

Become A Card-Carrying Member Of Wisconsin Local 1848 Today!

Last week, Politico, a national right wing blog, misidentified the Wisconsin state flag for a union local's flag.

AFSCME has jumped on that and is inviting everyone to become charter members of Wisconsin Local 1848 today!


  1. So right wing that they work closely with David Axelrod.

    1. 4:37, since you're so well connected, "inside the beltway," who is Politico's CEO?

  2. Well, ya know, the state flag has workers on it.

    That's gotta be radical as all get-out. But isn't it fun to see Politico get outed for stupidity and provincialism? Sigh. And the new media were supposed to be an improvement on the old media, but we're seeing the same bias and ignorance about so-called "flyover country."

  3. How ignorant to you have to be to think a state flag is a union flag?