Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kathleen Falk: I Heard You

Kathleen Falk, Democratic gubernatorial candidate, has put out a new video titled "I Heard You":

Here is some of the text that came with the email that came with the video:
I am committed to making our campaign about listening to people, to running a campaign that is open, accountable and transparent. Which is why I keep sitting down with people from across Wisconsin.

Hearing the stories of the great men and women who took time out of their week to sit down and talk to me about their vision for a better Wisconsin is inspiring.

Over and over, throughout our statewide tour and as I traveled around Wisconsin throughout the past year, I listened and heard similar concerns from people about Gov. Walker’s failed leadership. I heard the story of a middle-age woman who lost her job at a job center because of Gov. Walker’s budget cuts. The story of a grandmother who had never been very political but was outraged because Gov. Walker’s cuts to education were impacting her grandchildren's future. Many people across Wisconsin can tell the same story. The story of a Governor who surprised us all by taking an ax to public education, collective bargaining and health care while passing billions of dollars in new tax breaks for the few. The story of a Governor who, while I was busy listening to citizens here in the cold, was busy raising money in Naples, Florida at an event sponsored by the Koch brothers and other wealthy benefactors.

What inspires me about this movement, about the great men and women who came to sit and talk to me, is that even though Governor Walker has broken their wallets, he hasn’t broken their spirit. What inspires me about this movement are the over one million people who stood up to say, “Not in my Wisconsin” when Governor Walker rammed his anti-middle class, anti-working family legislation through the state house.
It's pretty clever, in my opinion, to already be hitting Walker on his secrecy, his refusal to listen to the people of Wisconsin and his refusal to take any responsibility or accept the consequences for his stunts and chicanery.

Unless he's planning on cheating with the touch screen voting machines being moved into the rural counties of northern Wiscsonsin, I don't see how all the money in the world will save his political hide in the upcoming recall election.

BTW, this should not be considered an endorsement of Falk. I am waiting to see who all the candidates are before making that decision. I just found Falk's approach interesting.

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