Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scott Walker's 2.4 Hour Flu

When President Barack Obama came to Milwaukee on Wednesday to celebrate Master Lock bringing jobs back from China, Scott Walker was expected to meet him at the airport and then accompany the President to the plant.

However, at the last minute, Walker skipped out of going to the plant, complaining of the stomach flu.

Many people lifted a skeptical eyebrow at this.  Indeed, there are some peculiarities to it.

If he was so sick, why did he go the airport? Was he hoping to infect Obama with whatever creeping crud he supposedly had?

On a side note, Walker apparently recovered sufficiently to send out a campaign press release, touting some trivial points (which probably should be fact checked), but totally ignoring the main point of the visit, which was to celebrate the return of good, family supporting, union jobs at Master Lock, who realized that quality is more important than going it on the cheap.

But speculation ran wild on why Walker would bail out of going to Master Lock.

Some surmised that Walker didn't want to deal with the fact that the country, under Obama's leadership, was recovering and gaining jobs while Wisconsin, under the Walker Plan, was losing jobs left and right.

Some thought that it might because he was afraid of the payback for trash talking Obama at CPAC last week.

Some thought that he was afraid of protesters, especially when his old pal, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, decided to leave him high and dry and refusing to supply adequate security for the event.

Some thought he wanted to avoid questions about Walkergate, while others thought he was meeting the investigators regarding Walkergate.

One wag pointed out that maybe Walker was nervous because Master Lock also makes prison door locks and that hit too close to home for Walker.

I guess we'll have a better idea if Walker was faking the tummy-aching on Thursday.  After all, if he was too sick to stay with the President of the United States when he comes to visit, he is definitely too sick to hang out with his friends at the WMC, much less have anything to do with the dirty lucre they want to give him.

But, presuming that Walker was indeed faking it, some of our friends will be there to greet him.


  1. My guess is all of the above, but he will spin this to his handlers as his version of snubbing Obama. It's all very sophomoric.

  2. Did they shake hands? It looked more like the jersey was handed over without a handshake. I didn't see it, I have only seen a few pictures, so maybe I am not right about that.

  3. One other possibility is that the President's people politely but firmly let him know that he wasn't invited.

  4. I don't really like to because he is a compulsive liar, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt. I would have stomach problems too if my neck were so close to the noose.

    I have another observation. His press release made no mention of Master Lock. Returning 100 good paying jobs, with benefits, from China to Wisconsin should be something to crow about, whether or not they are union jobs. I have to wonder if Master Lock did this DESPITE walker.

  5. So scooter was worried more for his own safety than that of the President? And that, in that small brain of his, there really was a greater threat to him? Hoo boy.

  6. What I really wanna know - DID WALKER HAVE A SICK NOTE SIGNED BY A DOCTOR?

  7. The brothers-a-billion duo and there pal CC could have ordered Walker to not aide our President in any way.

    Mr. Walker possibly was sick, after all, all that jetting around the country coming into contact with all sorts of dirty money and all.

    Maybe the dude was smoking $100 bills just to be funny and act like he was in the club. But, even he should know that money shouldn't be put in the mouth since you never know where it has been.

  8. Funny how in the WisPolitics piece, there's no mention of Master Lock. Just him, patting himself on the back about Collaborative Consulting, Diamond Precision Products, and Caterpillar.

    Personally, I doubt anything that lying sack of shit says. He's like the rest of the re-puke-licans. He get's his picture take with Obama to show how he "works with Democrats", and then got the hell out of there because the last thing he wanted was for Obama to hand him his ass.

  9. I had noticed several years ago President Obama came to Manitowoc several times to visit a manufacturing company there manufacturing items for use at that time in the growing "green" energy industry. When walker and his thugs came into power, one of the first things they did was to destroy the "green" energy business. I saw this at that time as a way they tried to get back at the President.

  10. It just occurred to me like, DUH!
    walker didn't go on the tour because he wasn't invited.