Thursday, February 16, 2012

By Popular Demand, I'm Back On The Sara Schultz Show

I'll be on the Sara Schultz Show again Friday morning, with an all star list of guests:
I will start off the show with Yuri Rashkin from Defend Wisconsin Weekly News Round-Up. We will talk about the weekly news and the bomb shells that were dropped on Thursday evening. Then I will be talking with Kathleen Falk who is running for Governor. We will talk about her campaign and her reaction to Senator Temper-tantrum ....Scott Fitzgerald. Then I will be speaking with Chris Liebenthal who writes the Cognitive Dissidence Blog. We will be discussing the John Doe Investigation and anything new that has come up in the last week. After Chris, I will be talking with Liz DiNovella from the Progressive Magazine. She went to CPAC and she will be telling me all about it and about the speakers: Governor Walker, US Representative Paul Ryan, and Senator Gothman. After Liz, I will be talking to Badger Democracy blog writer Scott Wittkopf. We will be talking more in depth about the news this week, I would like to talk about the Progressive movement, and where we go from here. I will end the show with Elizabeth Wheeler from Clean Wisconsin. We will be talking about the Wetland Bill that was passed in the middle of the night in the Senate....thanks to Scott Fitzgerald. Nothing good ever happens in the middle of the night in Fitzwalkerstan. It all starts this Friday at 9am! Call in numbers are 877-497-1797 or 310-742-1896. Hope you can join us!
The difficult part will be to cover so much ground in only 15 minutes, but don't fear, Sarah said I will be on again next Friday as well.

I can tell you, Sara is just the living embodiment of awesomeness.

The Sara Schultz Show can be heard not only on teh Intertubes, but she is also heard on WIDE 99.1 LPFM Madison, WHYS 96.3 LPFM Eau Claire and WFAQ 92.9 LPFM Mukwonago/Waukesha.


  1. What bombshells were dropped Thursday evening? I try so hard to keep up with this stuff...

    1. More than I can get to in one night. But now I'm working on a new bombshell previously unreported.