Monday, February 20, 2012

The Scott Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part LXXIV

Scott Walker decided that the only green he liked it the lucre he gets from the Koch brothers and not in jobs, so he made it harder for companies that deal with green jobs to stay viable. The results were predictable:
Cardinal Solar Technologies, Mazomanie, laid off 57 employees on Wednesday after the plant's primary customer, a solar photovoltaic panel manufacturer, saw its orders suddenly shrivel.

Most of the hourly production workers are off the job; 20 employees remain, mainly salaried and maintenance workers, plant manager Jeff Valek said.

The factory, which tempers glass used in solar photovoltaic panels, is still open and operating on a "much smaller scale," said Bob Bond, president of Cardinal ST, based in Spring Green. "We believe (the layoff) to be temporary. We believe our customer will come back when the imbalance is, hopefully, corrected," Bond said.
Yes, Mr. Bond, one million people have recently successfully completed the first step to restoring balance to this state. The next step is when we actually vote Walker out of office. Unless John Doe takes him out first.

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