Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Question Of The Day

How does the time that Scott Walker has spent going to out-of-state fund raisers compare to the time the Fab 14 spent in Illinois to buy Wisconsinites time to realize what a bloody mess Walker and company were making of our state?


  1. I don't think there is any doubt Walker is getting recalled. BUT unless we get some very high quality candidates for the recalled positions it could all end up for naught.

    Wisconsin is going to get buried in an onslaught of over the top plain untruthful TV, radio, internet and postal campaigning. The truly stupid will believe and they have the same one vote per person as the more thoughtful, who may not turn out unless they have someone worthwhile to vote for.

    No time to slack off and wait for the GAB!

  2. You can not win an election by running against somebody. You need to have someone to run for.

    Tom Barrett comes to mind. he can run on using Act 10 to balance Milwaukee's budget.

  3. We could put a rancid potato up and it would win against Walker.

  4. "We could put a rancid potato up and it would win against Walker."

    How dare you refer to Kathleen Faulk that way:-)