Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Esenberg Shorter

The law is "fairly weak" because it doesn't say what I want it to say.

And he is the right wing's "expert."

Another famous line involving Esenberg:
Ubiquitous Republican-for-hire lawyer James Troupis despatched sometime co-counsel Rick Esenberg to Madison yesterday to pronounce definitively that the WISGOP plan "is simply not vulnerable" to legal challenge and that "any challenge to the plan would be almost frivolous." 
Well, that didn't prove to be true either, did it?

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  1. I did not say that the law was "weak." I said that an interpretation of the law to the effect that the GAB cannot permit participation by a third party is "weak."

    What I told the joint committee is that a claim that the redistricting plan could be challenged as a partisan gerrymander would be almost frivolous. The reason is not that some people might not regard it as a partisan gerrymander (I expressed no view on that) but that partisan gerrymanders are not susceptible to constitutional challenge. If you are aware of something that contradicts that, let me know.