Sunday, October 28, 2012

Beth Lueck For District 8

Alberta Darling might have to get off the golf course and run a campaign now.

Darling, who had been running unopposed in her new gerrymandered district, now does have an opponent.

Beth Lueck, a college professor, has launched a write-in campaign to give voters in District 8 a choice.

From Professor Lueck:
I’m running a write-in campaign as a Democrat against Alberta Darling in Senate District 8.

My goal is to return integrity and civility to the state legislature.

In the proud tradition of Wisconsin progressivism I stand for transparency in state politics and a return to working together with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

Together we can improve our state’s economy, bring back respect for unions that strive for better working conditions for everyone, support veterans, and improve our schools, from K-12 through the UW System, which have suffered from years of declining state support.

I support full civil rights for everyone in Wisconsin and women's reproductive rights.

I also believe that Wisconsin should take all necessary steps to be in full compliance with the federal Affordable Health Care Act.

As a Professor of English at UW-Whitewater I will dedicate myself as a citizen-legislator to work together with others for a better Wisconsin for everyone.

The recent gerrymandering of districts by Wisconsin Republicans has resulted in districts so lopsided that in many cases no other party is running against the incumbent.

As Steven Walters of WisconsinEye pointed out in the 16 September Journal Sentinel, few of the Assembly seats and even fewer Senate seats this fall are really competitive.

A situation where candidates run unopposed is contrary to the very basis of democracy.

Therefore I’m announcing my candidacy for the Wisconsin State Senate seat in District 8.

For more information please reply to or write to Beth directly at .

Thank you
That is going to be one helluva uphill battle to take on Darling and her corporate money, but you gotta love the good professor for putting herself out there and giving it a go. That takes more courage than the entire Republican caucus possesses.

You can learn more at Lueck's Facebook page.

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