Monday, October 22, 2012

Book Em Again Dano!

Everyone's favorite republican, Randy Hopper is in jail again, and spent the night in the Fond Du lac jail!

 Randy Hopper, executive director of the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corp and former Republican senator from Fond du Lac is in jail this morning following a report of a fight late Sunday at his ex-wife’s home.

Hopper, 46, of Fond du Lac, is being held in the Fond du Lac County Jail on charges of drunken driving, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass, said Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Lt. Rick Olig.

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to W5192 Rienzi Drive about 10:15 p.m. Sunday for a report of two men in a physical fight, according to the sheriff’s dispatch log.

Hopper has a long history of incompetence in Wisconsin with such hits as: Campaigning on family values, dumping his wife for a young intern, quietly moving out of his district,  giving said intern a sweet state job she was immensely unqualified for, getting successfully recalled, previous drunk driving that he successfully used the "they are out to get me defense" among other things!  

What happens to a republican in modern day Wisconsin with such a dubious record?  Why promotion of course:

Hopper currently serves as executive director of the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation.

Now, in a recession, the executive director of Economic Development for Sheboygan County is president of his very own jail cell!   The people of Sheboygan County might want to demand some answers.  

Dane Checolinski, Community Development Specialist
Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation
(920) 452-2479

In the meantime,  it looks like MR. Hopper needs a restraining order, some help with his alcohol, and lets really hope that he does not feel the need to conceal carry!  

26,937 people actually voted for Randy Hopper,  time for the people of the 18th district to rethink their priorities! 

Why do republicans wear orange so naturally?  


  1. For Cry!

    Don't do this to me while I'm eating lunch.

    First you post the news video of Romney's blimp crashing.

    Then you post a news story about Randy Hopper being arrested again, this time for ex-wife beating.

    What next? Charlie Sykes calling for the prosecution of Scott Walker?

  2. The real thugs of Wisconsin are members of no union, but rather are a legion of moral equivocators and political prevaricants identified by the (R) after their name.

  3. So I guess this means he's out of the running to fill the CFO position at WEDC.

    1. OR just moved to the front of the line!

    2. good one JS, and only a 2 minute delay! but we have to wonder about the morals and competence level of these clowns-R. divorces, jail sentences, late night bar sessions to "negotiate" unconstitutional new laws? the doyle days? are starting to be a pleasant nostalgia.

  4. As a resident of Fond du Lac, I don't know Randy Hopper personally, or would I care to. His whole act nauseates me and plenty of other citizens.
    The justice system in Fond du Lac has a history of questionable behavior, always benefitting the powerful. Fond du Lac definitely has an oligarchy, and Randy Hopper is one of them.
    Last time he was charged with drunken driving, they got District Attorney Dan Kaminsky--a real scumbag--to name a special prosecuter so he could avoid the appearance of having a fellow Republican prosecute another good ole boy. The prosecuter named was from Sheboygan, and he did a poor job of prosecuting Hopper, so he got off scott free.
    Kaminsky is still our D.A., but has been totally quiet. Assistant D.A. Scot Mortier is another reliable Republican; will he now be a part of Hopper's prosecution?
    Plus, Kaminsky hired Dennis Krueger as state prosecuter for Fond du Lac County, even though Krueger at the time was right in the middle of defending Tim Russell. As far as I know, Krueger is still on their payroll.
    W5192 Rienzi Drive is just outside the city, so these are county charges, but with all that's being charged I imagine this brings the state into charging him--but having Krueger be his prosecuter? We'll see.
    Let's hope true justice can prevail this second time around.
    Perhaps they could also charge him for the fraud he is promoting with his economic development prowess. Just where are the jobs, Randy?

  5. Is the cup half full or half empty?

    Lots of Randy Hopper bashers now, but he was found inncoent last time. His defense suggested that the police were out looking to catch lawbreakers. That might or might not be.

    Now the police claim to have caught him again. It could have been worse. He could have been driving while intoxicated. he could have been beating his ex wife. He could have been beating his ex or current girlfriend, or even both. He could have been beating the boyfriend of an ex or current too.

    It could have been much worse. He could have been driving while intoxicated while beating someone or something, all the while texting. Or sexting. Or both!

    These and all the other ways it could have been worse will get another chance to happen, if he gets another chance. If worst comes to worst, Scott Walker can always pardon him.