Sunday, October 28, 2012

What Do You Think The Odds Are?

Because of the flooding in the farthermost northern parts of the state last summer, FEMA has approved of some $13 million in disaster relief.

It's good to see that at least one level of government is still there to help people.

But there is a catch mentioned at the very end of the article:
The local governments and the state of Wisconsin have to match 12.5% each to cover FEMA’s reimbursement requirements.
With Scott Walker and the Republicans slashing shared revenues in most parts of the states, these small communities are going to be hard pressed to afford their share of the reimbursement.

And Scott Walker might just try to refuse to pay anything, if he stays true to his nature and past patterns, such as the way he stole the foreclosure relief money.

Who knows, we could end up with a whole other scandal on our hands.


  1. I don't do twitter. I have transcribed stuff.
    Can you post a link? Can do right now.

    1. It's been done already. Thanks for the offer though.