Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Romney's "Sensitivity" Short-Lived

Yesterday, I commended Mitt Romney for deciding to cancel his campaign events on Monday night and Tuesday due to Hurricane Sandra. I reckon I spoke to soon and forgot Romney's notable inconsistency.

Romney's campaign issued this statement yesterday (emphasis mine):
"Out of sensitivity for the millions of Americans in the path of Hurricane Sandy, we are canceling tonight's events with Governor Romney in Wisconsin and Congressman Ryan in Melbourne and Lakeland, Florida. We are also canceling all events currently scheduled for both Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan on Tuesday. Governor Romney believes this is a time for the nation and its leaders to come together to focus on those Americans who are in harms way. We will provide additional details regarding Governor Romney's and Congressman Ryan's schedule when they are available."
The reality of what they did was something completely different:
Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will make two appearances at campaign offices in Wisconsin later Tuesday before embarking on a full day of campaigning around the state Wednesday.

Ryan is due to appear at GOP victory centers in La Crosse and Hudson on Tuesday to collect donations for storm relief efforts.
If Romney and Ryan won't show respect for the American people now while they're trying to win over our hearts and our votes, why would anyone think that they would show any respect for us if they were in control?

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