Thursday, October 18, 2012

American Hostages! Now That Would Be Cool!

H/T Addicting Info:

Remember the Mitt Romney 47% Dinner,  say it with me - There's more, there is always more! 

Yes.  You heard that right:

As you watch the video, notice the man (is that a British accent?) asking Romney how he can “duplicate” an Iran hostage type scenario. Instead of dismissing the question as going against American interests, Romney agrees that the strategy would be beneficial. The entire video is worth a listen but at the end, Romney says, “if something of that nature presents itself, I will work to take advantage of the opportunity.”

Some people call American Hostages and dead soldiers a tragedy and crisis, Mitt Romney calls it "opportunity"!

No wonder Mitt Romney was downright giddy when we lost four Americans in Libya!

How many more reasons do we need to make sure Mitt never has his hands on power over our government ever again?


  1. This year's electoral cycle is truly a testament to the power of propaganda. How could any American desire such a person as their President? I had feared that Walker's victory in the recall was proof that with the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United opening the flood gates to corporate spending on political propaganda, the power elite could simply purchase an election. I was given hope by democratic candidates surging in poles nationwide and much talk that Walker's results were mainly due to the idea that people did not believe in recalls. That hope is dwindling fast, as it appears a direct correlation between the amount of propaganda one can put out there and the results in the poles.

  2. How is this not treason?

  3. Mitt Romney is proof that the rot comes from the top-down.

  4. Both the questioner and Romney seem to take it for granted that the Reagan team did in fact make a treasonous deal with the Iranians to hold the hostages until after the election, and that it was a very smart move. It's interesting what we learn when the billionaries speak among themselves, thinking that the proles won't overhear.

    Given Romney's highly profitable business relationship with the Chinese Communist regime and it's slavers over the last two decades, his national security credentials would only be a bit more compromised if he were an actual Chinese agent. And I'm not ruling that out.