Friday, October 19, 2012

Tommy Doesn't Know!

Tommy wants to crack down on Iran! His stock in the company selling uranium to Iran must have taken a hit!
According to Thompson's personal financial disclosure, he owns up $50,000 worth of stock in such firms. Some of the smaller investments include up to $1,000 in the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Gazprom and the China National Petroleum Corporation, which were all cited in a recent Government Accountability Office study as having done business with Iran.

Thompson owns up to $17,000 worth of stock in Royal Dutch Shell, which the GAO also named, and between $1,000 and $15,000 worth of stock in oil services firm Schlumberger, which has been probed by the Justice Department over its Iran work.

Perhaps most significantly, Thompson owns between $1,000 and $15,000 worth of stock in the mining operation Rio Tinto, which is partners with Iran in mining uranium. Iran owns 15 percent of a uranium mining operation in Namibia with Rio Tinto.
Now we know why Tommy needed to make a shekels when he left the Governor's office, he had to invest in Iran going nuclear.

What is laughable is that Tommy says "He did not know about his stock" and when he did he sold them. HuffPO found out about his ownership in these stocks, by going through his personal financial disclosure(which can be seen here),   The problem with Tommy's story is the personal financial disclosure was released on 1/27/12 - yesterdays date was 10/19/12.

Tommy had 10 months to look at his own PFD along with the time it took to compile this form.  Which brings to mind 2 questions. 

1.  Is Tommy that rich that he has no idea where over $100,000 worth of stock is?

2.  If Tommy can not read his own PFD, how can we expect him to be a good steward of our money??? 


  1. Did you mean 1/27/12 above?

    1. I have a better picture I've been using on the "WI Soap Box" for a while now:

  2. Tammy whips out the ropa-dope...and tommy beats himself into a bloody pulp