Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Women of America Unite!

For anyone who was watching the last debate on Monday night, you may have heard Mitt Romney talk about the necessity of gender equality in the Middle East. My first reaction to that was, "wait, Mitt Romney said what?" because, of course, he's not one who tends to advocate for women's rights. My second reaction was, "how full of bs is this guy?" Mitt Romney, and especially Paul Ryan, have never been a friend to women's rights. Hell, if Mitt Romney couldn't even answer if he supported the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, really, what does that mean for our female future if he became president?

Richard Mourdock, a GOP senate candidate in Indiana, said in his debate last night, that if a woman gets pregnant from rape, it is "something God intended to happen." I mean, is it really? I don't think so. I think Republicans are just sick creeps who have a genuine disdain for women. Oh, and guess who just released a campaign commercial, proclaiming his support and adoration for Mr. Mourdock? Yeah, Mitt Romney. Isn't that nice? (but of course, Mr. Mitt "backed away" from Mourdock's comments. I bet.) These kinds of comments are not just out of the blue, once in awhile, off the cuff quips. This attitude has been a common theme with the GOP for a very, very long time. It just seems like this election cycle, it's been more solidified. They are becoming more open with their misogynist message. They've simply given up on caring whether or not the American public finds that kind of message acceptable.

We really need to ask ourselves a serious question - Do we want someone who, in one of his first acts as president, signed a law for fair pay? Someone who passed a healthcare law that made being a woman NO LONGER a preexisting condition? Someone who supports a woman's right to choose? Who supports women struggling to pay for school and find jobs? A president who treats us as equals? The answer is, of course, a resounding YES!

Mitt Romney and his campaign PUSHED for a personhood clause in the GOP platform at the Republican National Convention. If you haven't noticed, since then, Mitt has taken on a few interesting positions on birth control and abortion. In the second debate with President Obama, Romney said he wants women to have access to birth control. Uh...really? Because the last time I checked, he and Paul Ryan are fervently anti-choice. They play up to their extreme base very well, and it pays off for them. It's gross, and it's wrong, but that's the GOP for you.

What is really unfortunate, is that a lot of women will be voting for Mitt Romney this year. One of the Romney campaign cornerstones is repealing the Affordable Care Act. That legislation single-handedly put women back in control. Insurance companies could turn us away, our natural biological functions considered a "pre-existing condition." Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to go back to that, and no matter how many times Romney switches his position, we know that above everything, he wants to get rid of the ACA, and along with that goes pre-existing condition coverage. I don't know about you, but I don't want insurance companies to once again be allowed to tell us that our periods are grounds for denying us health care. It's not like we some how have the power to just shut that whole thing down.

Obama/Biden 2012!


  1. Gotta love how the Dems trumpet the Lilly Ledbetter Act as proof of Obama's interest in gender equality.

    Except that the Lilly Ledbetter Act simply extended the period for filing an equal pay lawsuit-- a procedural fix that has not done a damn thing to improve pay inequality.

    Everyone seems to have forgotten Obama's campaign promises in 2007 and 2008, when he pledged that the first bill that he would sign would be the Freedom of Choice Act-- a promise that Obama broke.

    Let's not pretend that Obama cares about women's rights. He has clearly demonstrated, on so many occasions that he is not. From having anti-choice fundamentalist preacher Rick Warren bless his administration, to signing an order endorsing the Hyde Amendment restrictions on the federal funding of abortion for Community Health Centers (another broken promise by Obama), to the Obama Administration's decision overruling an FDA decision to make Plan B One Step “morning after” contraception available to women of all ages, an action that caused NOW and NARAL Pro-Choice America to blast Obama's actions as "a stunning betrayal of women" in which "the Obama administration has sided with radical right politics[.]"

    So, go right ahead: embrace the fear and vote for the "Lesser" Evil, but let's not have any illusions about who and what you are voting for. Hope and Change, and now Forward (ugh), are false advertising. Let's please stop pretending that a vote for Obama is anything other than a vote against Romney.

    1. You are so wrong it makes my head hurt.

      Paul Ryan sponsored a bill in congress giving rapists the legal right to stop their victims in court, from obtaining an abortion.

      A vote for Romney is a vote against women, no matter how hard you try to believe otherwise. Romney is in favor of Personhood amendments, defunding Planned Parenthood, allowing employers to dictate women's health care choices.

      Rick Warren sucks and doesn't support Obama. Go look at all the women hating born agains who have endorsed Mitt Romney.

      I voted today for Obama because he believes in women's equality, fair pay and our rights. I'm not sure what right wing propaganda you've been guzzling, but it's clearly been allowed to seep in. totally sad.

      Romney, Ryan and the whole GOP are misogynistic cretins. Dems aren't the ones making comments about rape and getting pregnant from rape doesn't happen (Joe Walsh) and that our bodies shut down rape pregnancy (Todd Akin) or that pregnancy frpm rape is an intention from God (Mourdock) so please, don't fool yourself.