Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ryan, Walker Trip Themselves Up With Emails - Again

Paul Ryan and Scott Walker sure do have problems with their emails, and I don't mean just spam.

Over the summer,I told you about the caucus scandal-like use of emails between Paul Ryan's office and the Fitzgeralds' offices in which the staffers for Ryan, Jeff Fitzgerald, Scott Fitzgerald and Scott Fitzgerald's campaign fundraiser were using private emails to discuss official state business.

And, of course, anyone whose read Cog Dis knows that with Scott Walker and his emails, there is always more, such as this email tying him in to the illegal politicking that was occurring in his office suite while Milwaukee County Executive:

Now it's come out that the two loved to email and text each other, and as one might imagine, they was a lot of collusion regarding their politicking. Most notably, they tried to stifle any positive news, such as the fact that stimulus actually worked and is working:
The emails also show how Ryan and Walker sought to steer clear of sensitive political traps, and how Ryan was sensitive as early as September 2011 about offering any praise to government projects funded with money under Obama's economic stimulus law. In August, the AP and other news organizations noted that Ryan — a vocal opponent of the stimulus law — sought to steer money under the program to companies in his home state, which Ryan first awkwardly denied then acknowledged to be true.

In the emails, Walker's director of federal relations, Wendy Riemann, sent a message to Ryan's aide, Kevin Seifert, to describe a new grant from the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department awarded for a local water project. Riemann asked whether Ryan wanted to be quoted in a press release praising the money being spent in Wisconsin.

"Not to create more work for you, but do you have any idea where the money for this grant came from? Was it stimulus/the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?" Seifert replied. "Our concern is that, if it's stimulus funds, we won't want to highlight (and would think you guys wouldn't, either) .... We generally don't do press on things we actively oppose."

Riemann responded that she would check the source of the money, which turned out not to be stimulus funding. "Feel free to proceed without us on this one," Seifert wrote.
Tell me again how they are for the people. I keep forgetting.

I can't even imagine how anyone could pretend that they were for the people when they don't want the people to know that things were getting better, and would rather see the country fail.

Another thing to note is that things are not as rosy between the two as they would like to have us think, since Ryan believes he's too good to show a common courtesy to Tonette, Walker's wife:
The emails included at least one embarrassing snub by Ryan. Riemann, from the governor's office, emailed the congressman's office to ask for help coordinating a tour of the U.S. Capitol for Walker's wife, Tonette, who expected to travel to Washington. Such tours are known as dome tours. Ryan's staff said he was too busy to accommodate the request.

"Sorry, Paul doesn't do dome tours," Ryan's scheduler wrote back. "He never has, so sorry we can't be of assistance there."
Or maybe it's just that Ryan doesn't want to get sucked down the Walkergate hole with Walker.

Either way, I can't say that I blame him for that.

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  1. Scot walker could lead a dome tour with his baldspot dome lighting the way like rudolph guiding the sleigh in a snowstorm