Saturday, October 20, 2012

Was Thompson At A Debate Or At The End Of A Bar?

This is the best the Republicans can come up with? No wonder Karl Rove had to drop a million dollar ad buy for him. But even then, there is no way to make him look good:

H/T Jud Lounsbury

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  1. re: "is this the best...etc?
    Oh, come on now. Be a good boy. Re-writing history is not admirable whichever side does it.
    Thompson was extremely unpopular with a scary amount of his own "base" BEFORE he decided to run, yet he ran anyways, and he stayed in the race despite serious lack-of-love issues. I don't like the guy but he's been a punching bag for many months now, from all sides. Even a nice guy would have a hard time staying pleasant. And nothing I hear about Tommy suggests he's really all that affable, unless you're his inner circle buddy.
    And, (kinda IMPORTANT!) we'll never know how many people cross-over voted that Primary. My belief it that it was a lot. I personally was under heavy pressure to do so, but did not. The point being, I know people were pumped up to do that, and followed thru.
    So now, here's Tommy. The result of a complex set of factors, but not exactly a meritocracy system. So honestly, a few Democrats and "Undecideds" had a hand in steering this ship to where we are now.
    And let's not pile on the poor Republicans. They have their hands full trying to defend SO many RETARDS, including Walker, Vos, Fitzgeralds, and yes, Ryan and Mitt. Sock Puppetry is not a painless hobby, even with piles of cash. Everyone hates Mitt. I suspect even Ann hates Mitt*, it's just been so long she no longer recognizes the emotion for what it is. Let's recall that no one wanted Mitt to be the candidate either, and yet here HE is too. Yet not the result of cross-overs and nostalgia like the Tommy situation. 'S all really weird, ain't it.

    *(Mormonism teaches women to re-frame their most authentic emotions from they day they are born. It's as nasty and disfiguring as Chinese foot-binding, it's just invisible)