Friday, October 19, 2012

Watch Out! She's Single, Has A Baby And Knows How To Use It!

In case you missed it, Mitt Romney did a public service announcement, or his version of one anyway, during the second debate:
One key issues that was touched upon this second presidential debate was violence and gun control. President Obama argued that stricter gun control is not the only answer, thus, he argued for a comprehensive policy that promotes education and alternatives for kids who might otherwise choose a violent path. Governor Romney took it one very long step further:
“But let me mention another thing. And that is parents. We need moms and dads, helping to raise kids. Wherever possible the — the benefit of having two parents in the home, and that’s not always possible. A lot of great single moms, single dads. But gosh to tell our kids that before they have babies, they ought to think about getting married to someone, that’s a great idea.”
Wait a minute. So the reason people are using violent weapons and utilizing violence on the innocent is because they do not have two parents? Specifically, it is because they don’t have a father and a mother. Well, thats a heck of a claim! Nothing new from Romney, however, just a bunch more malarkey.
Do read the whole article.

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