Friday, October 19, 2012

One Fish Fry Longer, One Fish Fry Stronger

Tonight was the second helping of the Solidarity Fish Fry.

By all accounts, it was an even bigger success than the first one!

There were so many supporters of Serb Hall's union staff that they had to pull one of the union waitresses from the Republican fundraiser to handle the crowd.

They also kept the King Crab, Tom Miller, in the back, or maybe with his fellow RWNJs. Either way, he was not there to bother the good men and women who came out to support the waitresses and bartenders who are fighting to keep their rights as workers.

The waitresses kept expressing their gratitude that so many people have come out for a second week in a row now to show their support for them and to send a positive, but very clear, message to management.

Oh, and yes, as the title of this post implies, there will a third helping of fish fry next week, Friday October 26. Now, I won't be there for this one, since I will be vacationing (if you count five straight days of leaf blowing as a vacation), so I am counting on all of you to keep this going.

Also, we have learned that they also have a union waitress which works the lunch shift. Thus we have expanded the event to go from noon until 9 pm. Now second and third shift workers can also join in showing their support and getting a belly full of fish.

On behalf of the union staff at Serb Hall, as well as my co-hosts Meg and Randy, thank you again for being the awesome force of good you all are.



  1. Capper
    I most certainly was there, you do not change how i operate. we followed your blog and knew and planned for your groups attendance, to bad you had not made reservations last week with a specific server request, your attempt to cause a scene would not have even been noticed.
    The only ironic happening tonight was guests from your group need to see a manager to complain about union server Pat's service.They said she was rude, talked down to them and they were very unhappy with her. The manager brought her back to the table to explain and she could not. The guest were happy with the food so it was suggested they reflect their dissatisfaction through their tip to her.
    How is that working for you now?

    1. IF this indeed Mr. Miller, you would note a few things:

      I never said you weren't there. I pointed out you weren't out front harassing the customers, as shown on video. That's called proof.

      And if customers were complaining about Pat, and you just posted it, you're probably in violation of the contract, not that you know what good faith means anyway.

      Lastly, if you had were following the blog, you would have know that you were about to have more customers than in the entire month of September, and planned accordingly. That's what good managers would have done.

      But all you've done is pointed out that you're a bad manager and given fuel to the fire.

      How's that working out for you now?

    2. Oh, wait, are you talking about that plant that was observed going into the fundraiser after eating?

  2. Tom, it's 2012. If someone tries to "cause a scene," you film it. Show us the video.

    Did you give Pat a warning for the poor service you allege? Did she sign it? If so, post a url to a photo of it. Show what a great manager you are.

    I was thinking about getting some takeout some time, but only if I can get it from Pat. How do I do that?

  3. So, I assume from Tom's comments that there will soon be a counter-movement of anti-union customers showing up to demand seating in the non-union section. Soon, the place will be packed in a weird, great taste/less filling kind of way.
    You're welcome, Tom! Union supporters might have just saved your business.
    And with all due respect, your typos are embarrassing and unprofessional. Surely someone at your level, representing a company that apparently is ok with managers publicly trashing its employees, would spell and format correctly, or check carefully for errors, before sending a comment floating into the internet.

  4. Mr. Miller, It's heartening to know that you follow this blog and have prepared for adequate staffing for the Solidarity fish fries. We look forward to doing more business with you and your union staff in the future.

    However, it is disappointing to read your reply to Capper's article. The written word can often be hard to interpret without being able to see facial expressions or vocal tones.

    Although, I'm sure it was not intended, but your reply comes across as contemptuous and derisive. Not what one would expect from a hospitality industry professional, with emphasis on the word professional.

    If your truly are whom you say you are, I'm sure that the owners of Serb Hall would want you to embrace the increase in business as well as providing a warm reception for your customers.

    As a manager, you are the frontline representive for the business the employs you. I'm sure you would agree, that from a corporate perspective, you want to not only increase your business, but to keep customers happy.

    It is my hope that we can bridge what seems to be a misunderstanding. We are not adversaries. We are customers. Customers that support your union staff.

    With that, we look forward to the next gathering and to seeing you with a warm and welcoming smile on your face.

    Cheers in solidarity- CJ McD