Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kristine Burlingame, GAB Is On Line One...

This ad recently appeared in a weekly shopper that hit almost all the homes in Jackson County:

Needless to say, this is incorrect. The Voter Suppression Law was struck down, twice, and the Supreme Court refused to take the case yet. Voters do NOT need to show an ID and are still able to freely exercise their right to vote.

Not only is Ms. Burlingame giving out false information to the voters, she undoubtedly used taxpayer dollars to do so.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to the new Kathleen Nickolaus?

Oh, and by the way, this has already been referred to the GAB.


  1. Really? Alma Center? I don't think anyone has ventured in there yet to tell them the Big WW II is over with yet, let alone what the latest twist and turn of law is these days. If we can trust the wiki, Alma Center has 446 people in it. How many of those would be voting age and registered? Yes, every voter's rights are golden, blah blah. But so is basic decency between human beings. The "new Kathy Nicholaus" seems really gleefully harsh, a too accusatory and waaaay to quick to judge and assign malevolent intent where there probably was none. Do you know anything about this lady? Or is it just Off With Her Head time no matter what?
    There probably is no real need to publicly mock and demonize this woman. There's a distinct possibility that this is unfair and needlessly cruel. Is the GAB keeping people up to date? Did she get the info? Does she have horns coming out of her head?
    And I also thought to official newspaper of record for municipalities has to give that fine-print space for legal notices for free. Maybe not. But even if not, a 2 inch square in the local Shopper, I'm not seeing exorbitant waste of taxpayer funds....holy wood pulp Batman, we are aggressive these days, aren't we? Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, right?
    and ummm
    Aren't you the guy who had people jumping on yer sh*t some time back for "blogging at work"? Got reported to the officials, did ya?
    Nit-picky and hair-splitty was it? Embarrassing?
    If you know how it feels you're pretty quick to share that experience with others. And tell me you're not that professionally sensitive guy who's a social worker. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else. I hope so. Anyways, I think I'll take all this as a free pass for me to use the word "retard" a bunch of times in comments, and Jeff can't get his panties in a knot over it. Like, you know, you guys are never mean.

    1. Hmm,apparently your Wiki check into Ms. Burlingame didn't go far enough. Or it did and you chose to ignore it, eh?

      Oh, and your inane and/or desperate enough to bring up Walker's attempt to retaliate against me? The one where Walker's people had to admit I wasn't blogging? Yeah, that argument works for you.

      Your overreaction to this does tell us that I am on the right track. Perhaps a little more digging might be necessary.

    2. I couldn't fully comprehend what they were trying to say...I can't understand stupid.

    3. You had me at "Every voter's rights are golden, blah blah."

  2. Kristine Burlingame signed this Walker Recall Petition along with Robin Hood, Frank and Bonnie Walton, and classical pianist Werner Haas who died in 1976, but has since moved to Alma.


  3. If you are the city clerk, you have absolutely ZERO excuse to NOT know the voting laws.

  4. I can't decide if the first anonymous troll was someone from WI Distorter or one of the Knotheads.

    1. I just wish they would just learn to write somewhat intelligently.

  5. No need to insult their intelligence. Snark does nothing but reflect poorly upon us.

    Anon October 17, 2012 6:24 AM did go completely overboard in their emotional reaction to the article. Alma Center, is indeed a dot on the map. But it is surrounded by many little burgs. The main commerce center for the region is Black River Falls. Having familiarity with the surrounding area, people from town to town know the people who live in their area. So to assume that this poor town clerk did not know is a "possiblity" but not a probablility. She would also know that the weekly shopper is distributed much farther than tiny Alma Center. It is distributed through the region. She assumingly also knew the GAB has no penalty for the "error" as well.

    And now she knows not only the eyes of the area, but those around the state will be watching her.

    So Katherine, make sure your public notices are accurate and follow current law and guidelines. If you are unsure, please contact the GAB for assistance. You can find a link to their website here: http://gab.wi.gov/

    Otherwise a recall could be in your future.