Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 We all know that Americans for Prosperity is a right wing extremist shadow group, financed by the Koch brothers and likes to wallow in the state of Wisconsin's misfortunes

In the same vein as illegally handing out subs for votes, AFP- Americans for Poverty, has taken buying of votes a step further.  

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin has taken President Obama’s failing economic and energy policies into its own hands, pledging to ease Wisconsinites’ pain at the pump by returning to $1.84 gasoline.
When President Obama took office in January 2009, gas cost just $1.84 per gallon,” said AFP-Wisconsin State Director Luke Hilgemann. “Because of the president’s failing economic and energy policies, we’ve seen gas prices go as high as $4 per gallon recently.” 

To help relieve the pain at the pump and show Wisconsinites that there is a better way, AFP-Wisconsin will be paying the difference for you Tuesday, October 30th from 11am to 3pm at the Mount View Mobil Station (County Road NN exit on I-39) in Wausau.
Be one of the first 300 cars to show up, and AFP-WI will help remind you what it was like to fill up before President Obama took office, and to put grassroots pressure on the President to get serious about reducing energy prices.

Under President Obama, domestic energy production has hit an all-time low. By failing to achieve American energy independence and pursuing short-sighted economic policies, the president has helped send gas prices through the roof across Wisconsin.
 Now for us thinking Wisconsinites, we know that Luke Hilgemann and AFP are lying to us when they say that domestic energy production is at an all time low.  We also know that Mr. Hilgemann and AFP-WI are lying to us when they whine about current gas prices!  Forget that, because Mr. Hilgemann makes good money to lie and mislead you, so congratulate him for that and set that aside and GO GET YOUR FREE GAS!! 

Next Tuesday from 11AM - 3 PM at the Mount View Mobil Station on County Road NN(exit on I-39)!!
 Take a picture of AFP-WI filling up your tank, with your favorite progressive bumper stickers on your car,  and then share them with us -!

One last thing, in case you were suffering from #romnesia, what were the gas prices july 2008 under the oil men bush/cheney? Mr. Hilgemann must have forgotten! 

Finally, so you do not feel like you are a total "taker", after you get your free tank of gas, donate $10 to your favorite progressive candidate- in the name of AFP of course!  


  1. Wisconsin statute 12.11(1m):

    Any person who does any of the following violates this chapter:
    (a) Offers, gives, lends or promises to give or lend, or endeavors to procure, anything of value, or any office or employment or any privilege or immunity to, or for, any elector, or to or for any other person, in order to induce any elector to:

    3. Vote or refrain from voting for or against a particular person.

    1. The law is only applicable when enforced and tried.

      That costs money and "we're broke."

      Of course for this gas gig, I would not doubt that Kochs and other elites have been deliberately influencing the market in many ways.

      If they can literally promise cheap gas, seemingly instantly, wouldn't it be pretty obvious that consumers are getting taken for a ride?

      Almost like Mr. IMBR flipping houses

    2. With oil prices plummeting due to a supply glut, I hope those bastards manipulating the market go bankrupt.

    3. I'm sure being broke is the official excuse, but the real problem is the fact that Van Hollen resides comfortably in Walker's back pocket and would never dream of prosecuting anything like this.

  2. Sorry Koch Whores, Gas prices have NOT been below 2 dollars in wisconsin since the early 90's.

  3. The price of oil and gasoline collapsed dramatically during the financial crisis in the final months of 2008, as the market discounted a possible economic depression and vastly weakened demand. Meanwhile the big banks and hedge funds, which use the futures market to skim money from the real economy, switched their positions from long to short, betting against oil while they dumped inventories they had been hoarding in Cushing, Oklahoma and aboard old oil tankers around the world.

    So, if one were a sociopathic liar, it could be said that Bush II lowered gas prices. But this was only made possible due to policies that nearly vaporized the financial system. That's quite a price to pay for cheap gas.

    Following the same AFC-Bagger logic, Obama was then responsible for raising gas prices by using financial stimulus and loans to the auto industry to resuscitate the economy. That treasonous Kenyan bastard! Freedom!