Sunday, October 28, 2012

A little Irony in your Tea?

The racine version of the Koch brothers funded "tea party" held a rally this weekend and it was dripping and housed in irony!

Yes it was ironic that the group that desperately supported intellectual lightweight Eric Hovde & adamantly opposed Tommy Thompson would then have him as their main speaker.  

It was also ironic that the big spending, deficit creating, former bush administration big government offiicial Tommy Thompson was the main speaker for the "taxed enough already' party. 

It was very ironic that 71 year old Tommy Thompson, who was first elected to the Wisconsin Assembly 32 years ago, call for "new leaders".

It was ironic to see Pam Stevens talk about fiscal responsibility.

It was ironic to see a Navy Seal tout Mitt Romney of all people.  

It was very ironic to see someone at the "tea party" talk about personal responsibility.

However, the most ironic part of the day was the location:

 held in the warehouse at 6200 Regency West Drive that previously housed Sam’s Club.
 No place is better to house a "tea party" rally than a closed down warehouse that carries a bunch of cheap sh*t from China that no one really wants or needs! 

ICYMI:  Wiggy is still lying  and Fred is just ridiculous.

 One thing they did accomplish though, is to hire a spooksmodel!

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