Saturday, October 20, 2012

If Teahadists Were Liberals

Swiped from Facebook:


  1. speaking of't Mexico/British Columbia where the fundi polygamist mormons all go to live?

  2. Is anyone else finding more missionaries at their door than normal? It's gotten so annoying that I'm willing to take drastic measures to rid myself of them. That slogan might do the trick. But then I'd have to take down my "John Doe is going to prison" sign. What a dilemna.

  3. I am in no way a supporter of Romney in any way, shape or form. But, come on now. Mitts' father, George Romney, was born in Mexico. Mittens himself was born in the USA just like President Obama was.

  4. Mitt claims connection with Mexico to sway people originally from Mexico moving to the U.S. to not find fault with the Mitt cause of getting elected.
    Mitt loves every group he speaks to, regardless of positions he has previously stated that conflict with his up-to-the-minute views.
    What Mitt says now during his campaign would have little to do with what he does after being elected.

  5. Mitt claims he was born in the United States but he hasn't shown us the birth certificate. Besides, it would have been quite easy for a rich, connected man like George Romney to arrange a forgery, so Mitt will have to come up with something proving it isn't.

    There is also the matter of his refusal to have his sons DNA tested to verify they are born from the same woman and not from a bunker of sister wives hidden in one of his mansions.