Saturday, October 27, 2012

For Halloween, Make Sure You Get Union-Made Candy

Give the little union thugs that come trick or treating some union-made candy.  It's a win-win situation:

Here's a list of the union-made candies.

And if you can find fair trade candy too, all the better.


  1. ...and if that sexy Union Maid candy was put into non-Union packaging, hauled in non-Union trucks, put on shelves and checked-out by non-Union workers, sold at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or any other large chain rife with non-Unioniness, then is that candy corn tainted? Or is there an allowable amount of non-Union touching that can occur with any given product before that product looses its Union Virginity?
    Too bad Union workers act like all other workers are crap. They're actually not crap, nor are they people who blissfully "drink the Kool-aid". Fact is, there's just not enough Union jobs to go around and (you can
    not possibly emphasize this enough) there are TONS of employment situations where it gets UGLY if anyone smells "union" and tons of American workers therefore are intimidated by circumstance and necessity into working at non-Union jobs. Often for less pay, ALWAYS for less (or no) benefits. All that flap recently re: bosses telling/intimidating you who to vote for, "forcing" attendance at tea party rallies, etc. Old news to many of us here in WI. I've mentioned it on blogs for at least 3 years now. I stopped cuz it didn't seem to be on anyone's group-think agenda or perhaps people thought I was making shit up. Either way, Workers, many of whom are miserable and desperate, get screwed by this holier-than-thou Union loyalty. And such behavior DOES NOTHING to increase or strengthen the presence of Unions in America, it DOES NOT help lift the boats over-all. Basically, it's just high-falutin' P.R. and cliquish behavior. It ain't no Revolution hunny.
    Are SOME American workers more American than others? Seems like. Too bad Orwell's dead, maybe he could sort it out for me.
    p.s. Vacation's over.

    1. Y'know, the unions weren't always around. People fought and died for the rights that workers enjoy today. If you reach out, you will find the unions are still ready to give you a hand up. We'd rather lift all boats than just some. But you gotta let them help you.

      PS: Vacation's not over until Tuesday.