Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Imitation Is The Most Sincerest Form Of Flattery

This afternoon, Judith Davidoff, of The Isthmus, wrote about the whole sickening saga of Brian Sikma's lies regarding the phony beating of a Republican volunteer and how it ensnared so many of the other right wing propagandists.

Compare that story to the one I wrote last night.

They even used my Scribd publication of Christian Schneider's original post.

No, it's not plagiarism, but they strike me as being very familiar.

And I am flattered and proud to know my work is good enough for real reporters to use.


  1. Honestly, my hats off to you for doing what you're doing. Your work speaks for itself, which is honest and really does meet the measure of what "journalism" and "writing" aspires to be.
    Your blog is a diamond in the rough, something all blogs should make their aim.
    Signed, another attempted typist.
    Keep up the great works and aim for the stars.

  2. What an un-nervingly upbeat individual.