Friday, October 26, 2012

WMC Shows Their True Colors

They are UGLY!  

H/T Jessie Opoien!

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce(WMC) recently put out an anti-Jessica King TV ad.   The problem is the person who they used against her, supports her!  

If you’ve seen an ad attacking State Sen. Jessica King, D-Oshkosh, for voting against the northern Wisconsin mining bill, you probably think a man named Lyle Balistreri is very angry with the senator. You might even think he wants her out of office.

It’s a reasonable assumption. Balistreri, the president of the Milwaukee Building and Construction Council, is seen on screen, in old interview footage. His face is juxtaposed with a picture of King, her phone number and the words, “Tell her to stop playing politics with our jobs.”

There’s just one problem. Lyle Balistreri supports King.

Balistreri says his comments were taken out of context by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the group behind the ad.

“It is unfortunate that these comments were taken out of context,” Balistreri said in a statement. “Politicians need to put aside partisan politics and do what voters elected them to do — create jobs. Few industries have been hit harder by the Great Recession than the building and construction trades and as President of the Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades Council, I fight every day in every way for the working men and women of this state. I support Jessica King and know she will put working Wisconsinites first. Wisconsinites are tired of the same old partisan politics, we need to put our differences aside and create jobs.”

The question you have to ask is, if WMC is that dishonest and unethical, why would anyone want to do business with them?  

Contact WMC President Kurt Bauer and ask him to be honest in his ads!  

Phone: (608) 258-3400

Finally support Jessica King if you can, to help her fight off this ridiculous attacks!  


  1. Can Balistreri ask them to stop using his image in the ad? Or is he considered enough of a public figure that it falls under some kind of fair use?

  2. It seems to me that a public figures statements can be used by whoever chooses to use them, BUT only on the condition that the statement used reflects the true spirit of what the user is trying to convey.
    That means no statements used out of context to create any false impressions. Three word soundbites like a candidate saying the word "damn," used to convey that candidate as "extreme," is not fair use of a statement, and should be held accountable for it.
    Whatever writer WMC hires to scribble their bizarre messages should be punished, and that could possibly mean taking their crayons away from them.

  3. Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, WMC, really is becoming the poster-image for corporate welfare low-lifes.

    They denounce so-called "welfare" spending for one group only to want more free reign plus more government contracts and subsidies to make more profit at others expense.

    WMC is like the spoiled child who just got a drivers license and mommy and daddy armed 'em with a brand new $65,000 truck. The spoiled WMC kid does NOT want to play by your traffic rules, WMC wants to change the traffic rules to their favor; at everybody's expense!