Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Three's a Crowd!

Tommy Thompson was given a simple question in a recent debate, one that he knew he could not answer.

After this answer, the Wisconsin State Journal gave Tommy their endorsement because of his ability to "tackle partisan gridlock" and work across the aisle.   Yes once you overlook the joke, you have to realize WHY Tommy could never work with Tammy Baldwin or the democrats anymore - because three is a crowd!   

It is impossible for Tommy to work with Tammy because he already has his lab partner - ALEC!

Since ALEC is telling Tommy privately exactly what to do and how to do it, it is hard to bring a third party into the equation.   Unfortunately for the great State of Wisconssss, Tommy has already Committed to ALEC and left the rest of us out in the cold! 



  1. Better yet, Vote early for Baldwin thru November 2nd.

  2. Great advice, 12:17, don't want those voting lines getting clogged up on Nov. 6th, especially if you reside in a gerrymandered district, with questionable voting machine software installed.
    Also wonder, if most voters vote on Nov. 6th, if they'll plan ahead and provide enough voting machinery for possible long lines of people (who might only have a short part of their day available to vote).

    Certainly Tammy would not be included in Tommy's idea for health care reform. Tommy, when not having affairs with women he's not married to, "dates" with corporate partners set up by ALEC. Folks, this is no way to reform health care: vote for Tammy Baldwin and keep Tommy out of the U.S. Senate.