Saturday, October 27, 2012

Solidarity Fish Fry: Fish Of The Revolution

Last night was the third week of the Solidarity Fish Fry.

I hadn't planned on attending, as that I was up north having "fun" at Leafapalooza. Fortunately, a faithful reader and a good friend joined me and we were able to make short work of it, allowing me to come back two days early.

My wife and I journeyed to Serb Hall and got in line. While there, we were fortunate enough to meet up with Randy Bryce, who was kind enough to join us for dinner.

The host came to seat us immediately, but took us to a non-union table. When I specified that we wanted a union waitress, we were told we would have to wait.

As in the previous two weeks, they had all but one of the union waitresses working an event. So we went back into the bar and waited.

While waiting, Randy thought he'd tried to make friends with the manager, but we quickly realized we had made an honest mistake:

We were eventually seated and again had Patricia has our server. We all chose to try the buffet. It was the first time my wife and I had tried it. The selection was wide, from fried fish (of course!) to fried chicken to beef tips to sarma, potatoes, potato pancakes, french fries, pasta, rice and more than I can remember.

The food was passingly fair and the service was excellent as usual. The only downside was what we thought were Serb Hall Board members making a lot of noise, cackling at the thought of busting the union, but again, it turned out to be an honest mistake:

Randy was a wonderful dinner companion and not just because he paid for our dinners as well as his own. He was entertaining and told us how he grew up in the area and shared our disappointed at how low Serb Hall has fallen over the last few years and are setting themselves to fall even further with their hostile position to the union and its workers.

He also told me something else I hadn't known. The Violent Femmes had done a video using footage from Serb Hall, as well as the Milwaukee Public Museum. Appropriately enough, the song is "Children of the Revolution":

As with the last two weeks, the staff, whether union or non-union, thanked us for coming and supporting such a good cause.

And yes, we are going back for a fourth helping of the Solidarity Fish Fry next week. We hope to see you there, for as they say, "One fish fry longer, one fish fry stronger."

And tell them that Cog Dis sent ya.

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