Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How Right Wing Sausage is Made

Science Fiction Writer and WPRI paid hack Christian Schneider wrote a fable the other day, one of his best pieces of work. 

Beaten for being a gay republican!  Over 1300 words of pure republican bliss!

The story however had one major tell:

To date, Wood has been reluctant to talk to any media, especially on-camera.   “I’m not going to win Princess Kay of the Milky Way or anything anytime soon, I look a little rough,” he joked.

Wood was reluctant to talk to the media because he knew he was lying, however his fake story had to be told so he chose people who were NOT the media.   Schneider of course, The Daily Caller and mediatrackers for some examples to make sure and get their message out to as many people  as possible before the house of cards fell!

This was yet another great example of how the echo chamber works.  They make up a story and a couple people run with it, allowing fellow paid and unpaid hacks to repeat repeat repeat!   Wisconsin reporter, Crazy Fred Dooley , Alpha Male Randy Hollenbeck and  Boots and Sabers(owen deleted the story like it never happened- no apologies or retractions) to name a few!   

This was an excellent example of the republican noise machine.

* Make up a story.

* Get it out there to as many people as possible in the 24 hour news cycle(shame on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for giving Schneider a forum).  Extra credit here for being incredibly upset and emotional about this story!

*  When story is proven to be false, either pretend you knew it all along or pretend nothing ever happened.

* Lather, Rinse, Repeat!   

This is how right wing sausage is made, and it is as ugly as regular sausage!  The thing to know is when there is a story spreading through the right wing blogosphere and hate radio squawkers, wait a couple days for the actual truth to come out! 

PS:   In case your wondering about how Schneider addressed his ridiculous fable as being false.  He amended his 1300+ story to add this at the end.

UPDATE: on October 29, Wood recanted his allegations to the Madison Police Department.

Yes he is THAT dishonest!

Much more on this story here and here!  


  1. He's JSO #1 gossip columnist!

  2. As a current Fond du Lac male resident--redneck utopia of central Wisconsin--it's hard to be considered out of the mainstream. It affects your ability to get hired to decent jobs, if there are any to be had.
    Having worked in Washington, District of Columbia, and visiting legislative offices in hopes of saying something to an actual U.S. legislator--it's a big no-no to reveal that many of the staffs of these Republican legislators have many homosexual people working for them, almost all of them male.
    Earlier in my life, in the 80s, I lived in Minneapolis--the "San Francisco of the midwest," that also advertised itself as "the mini-Apple (New York City reference, where also many homosexuals live)."
    As a current English major at a UW system, I am often made suspect for being relatively old and having never made the plunge into marriage (although I missed out on numerous occasions). Part of my problem in the past was that that I had an over-abundence of testosterone. If you speak Spanish, it's called "machismo."
    What all this information means with regard to the above story is that I feel comfortable with my sexual orientation, which is heterosexual, yet can feel compassion for "gays," who live difficult lives because of their sex orientation.
    That said, I have always considered Christian
    Schneider to be a real nutcase, a paid party hack, and a real scumbag. i've never associated with him, or would I want to, so probably to Republicans that makes me somehow biased and unfair. Nope, just honest, and a real opponent to his nutty political views.

  3. That's what I'm talking about. Right wing sausage. Good one Capper!