Thursday, October 18, 2012

MacIver's Follies

The far right wing website has occasionally written stories that were worth reading, despite the fact that they give Jimmy Wigderson a platform and have relations with multiple convicted felon Scott "Scooter" Jensen

The problem with being a far right wing shadow organization, is thatyou do not have much talent to work with.  When you are stuck trying to defend the likes of Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald, well it becomes a monumental task! 

So it is understandable when they just give up on the task and become a parody website!  They still have a way to go before they reach Onion levels, but this is a good start! 

In a news cycle, where we found out that despite three court orders, Republican stooges Michael Best & Friedrich STILL withheld over 34 documents that they were ordered to release regarding the shameful secret redistricting they did last year.   Then of course we are still in the thick of Walker Gate and even had top aide Kevin Kavanaugh convicted last week.  Let us also not forget American Idiot Jason Thompson with his perpetual racist statements!

With all of these events happening what is a far right well funded "news organization" to do?   Well break a news story of course.  The problem is there was nothing happening in the democratic party at the time that came close to the level of disgust on the right, so they had to make one up.  The problem is there is no one there with an imagination or writing ability (they should have consulted with Christian Schneider that guy writes the best fables).

So the best they could come up with was this!

Representative Sandy Pasch and Senator Chris Larson met with the Milwaukee teachers union in private and they had coffee while they met!   I guess no one told Pasch & Larson that secret meetings to discuss the future of WI are ONLY to be held out of state and most attendees should also be from out of state!   

So Brett Healy, nice try!  This was a nice start at becoming a parody website.   It was definitely funny but your material needs to be better!    I look forward to your future attempts at hilarity! 

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  1. You're right, the right wing has very little to work with, especially when the ideas they push are so questionable.
    Wasn't Darleen Wink involved with writing to blogs for Scott Walker to defend her boss's genious policies?
    The MacIver "Institute" certainly could use her help.
    Maybe they could sign up Imustberascist to help them, too--if not for his writing ability, then maybe he could work on their cars.