Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We must not talk about or discuss this!

Haughton opened fire at the Azana Day Spa around 11 a.m. Sunday, just three days after his estranged wife, Zina, obtained a four-year restraining order. He was ordered to turn over all of his firearms to a county sheriff, though it’s unclear whether he turned in any weapons.

But he bought the .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun used in the attack from a private owner on Saturday, according to police in Brown Deer, the Milwaukee suburb where Haughton lived. The seller did nothing illegal, however, because Wisconsin law only requires background checks and a 48-hour waiting period from gun dealers, not from private individuals.

Three of the victims remained hospitalized late Monday.

Taylor’s legislation calls for requiring individuals who are subject to a restraining order to surrender their firearms within 48 hours or face arrest. The bill failed to pass in 2010, after the National Rifle Association and other gun-rights groups fought it.

People have to be free to shoot up anyone anywhere anytime, so sayeth the 2nd amendment!  


  1. Besides the fact this guy was able to get a gun, the more important issue at hand is the protection of an individuals right to be free from harassment and abuse. Of course, with the war on women, I'm sure assholes like Glenn Grothman will somehow find fault with the victim, and others like him will do the same.

    Our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, etc. need to have better protections via the law from abusers like Haughton. This poor woman probably spent much of her last few years always looking over her shoulder waiting for the tragedy that struck this past weekend. It's shameful that more steps aren't taken to remove men that Haughton from society.

  2. We are too busy making sure men like Haughton can get unlimited access to guns, no questions asked!