Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jason Cracks up the Crowd!

Not sure how good of a lawyer for Michael Best & Friedrich, Jason Thompson is, but he sure knows how to crack up the crowd!  The problem, like his father, is that he is lazy so he keeps going back to the same joke!

While Tommy denies it is happening and Jason apologizes to his law firm, he has been running around knocking them dead with his speeches.    The problem is that the sane people of Wisconsin have seen it and they are not amused.  

The question is does Michael Best & Friedrich have to issue a statement distancing themselves from Jason Thompson daily, or will they cut their losses and work on restoring their reputation?

No one has had a bigger hit to their reputation these last two years than Michael Best & Friedrich!

H/T Huff Po and Amanda Terkel:

At a "United for Freedom" rally(10/6/12), this is Jason Thompson warming up the crowd!   

Jason Thompson truly is an American idiot!

One last question, in case your wondering why this is perpetually a killer line, check out the line up of speakers and ask no more:

Senator Alberta Darling WI-8

Assemblyman Jeremy Thiesfeldt

. State Treasurer Kurt Schuller

US Congressional Candidate Dan Sebring

Jake Jacobs,

Noted Writer and SpeakerKim Simac,

Northwoods Patriots FounderPastor David King,

WI Senate CandidatePam Stevens,

WI Senate Candidate Rick Gudex,

WI Senate Candidate Tracy Heron,

Former Mayville Mayor Paris Procopis

MIke Schraa,

WI Assembly Candidate Kristi LaCroix

Santo Ingrilli

Joe Medina

One last thing, You will see some of these people on your ballot this fall. 

Vote these people OUT!  


  1. Please tell me you are incorrect about Kristi LaCroix running for Assembly. I can't find it on google.

  2. I can't believe I missed this when going through the videos! I guess this busy week of mine has let me to not get up on the Soap Box as much!

  3. Jason Thompson is one of those people who went to law school for the purpose of learning how to break the law without getting caught. Unfortunately, for him, he's a little dumb and was nabbed before he could wipe the brown off his nose. But he can still sail in the wake of his well connected, crooked father, while pretending to be the real deal.